The Cambodian language is called Khmer. To say ‘Hello’, you say ‘Chum reap suor’  (together with hands together in praying position in front of chest)


Kmeng Kmeng

The population of Cambodia is 15.4 million.

The Khmer name for Cambodia is ‘Kampuchea’.

Cambodia is currently experiencing a healthy 1.8% average population growth. By 2020, the country is expected to hit 18.7 million people.

The capital city is Phnom Penh. The second largest city is Battambang.

The demographics of the country have been affected by the civil war and genocide. 50% of the population is under 22 years old.



cambodiaprovincesCambodia is in Southeast Asia. It is landlocked by Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

Theravada Buddhism is the official religion

90% of Cambodia’s population is of Khmer origin, Ethnic minority groups include Vietnamese (5%) and Chinese (1%).

Indigenous minority groups include, Hmong, Pong, Austronesian and Tai, who are collectively known as ‘Khmer Loeu’.





Health & Challenges

There has been a significant improvement in the health of population due to economic growth. This is seen in the decline of child & maternal death (mortality) and decrease in HIV & the deaths caused by Malaria.

Much more is needed to improve nutrition of Cambodia children, as 6400 children die & 40% of children under 5 stunted. New health challenges have emerged including injuries such as drowning & road accidents.3

1,950 people were killed & in traffic accidents during 2013. There is a concerted effort to increase road safety.4

2094 Cambodian children die from drowning each year but a significant drowning prevention program has yet to be funded.






This is our logo in Khmer. It says ‘SWIM Kampuchea’







The Kingdom of Cambodia flag



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