Happy International Women’s Day!

Hi! I am Kimthan. I’m here to share a bit about why I am proud to be a female trainer of Water Safety and drowning prevention in Cambodia. The main point is to spread out the messages to as many people to know how to prevent themselves and the others from drowning. We teach about the different drowning dangers where the people use water every day in the river, lake, pond, ocean and even in the home. Children can drown very quickly. By teaching communities, especially mothers, we hope Water Safety knowledge will alert them to know more and prepare them to consider everything to bring safety. We encourage them also to share what they have learned with other people too. Hopefully, it can reduce or stop drowning.

Hi! I am Lakhena Ouk, SWIM Cambodia trainer from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It has been an excellent professional experience to be able to go out into the community and show skills that really matter in life.  Our Water Safety program focuses on the key skills and actions needed to raise awareness and rescue people. It is good for women to teach this to all. Thanks to all the teams of SWIM Cambodia volunteers. Happy International Women’s Day!