Stay Safe!

Keep Yourself Safe

Think about the water you see everyday. Some are natural and some are around the home, lakes, rivers, ponds, the sea, in the bath tub, in water jars, e.t.c. Think about how you can keep yourself safe and keep others safe, especially children and young people. There are actions you can take to keep yourself safe and actions you can take to keep those in your care safe. Here are some things you can do to keep yourself and other safe:

  • Learn to swim!

  • Always swim with other people

  • Learn about water safety

  • Learn how to save a life

  • Never go in the water after drinking alcohol

  • Always enter shallow and unknown water feet first

  • Know the water and weather conditions before getting in the water

  • Where a life jacket when traveling by boat

  • Obey all safety signs and warning flags


Keep Others Safe

  • Always provide close and constant attention to children you are supervising in or near water.

  • Keep small children at arms reach. Never take your eyes off them

  • If you go out to work agree with someone you trust to look after your children.

    Maybe take it in turns with your neighbors to look after the children.

  • Help & encourage others, especially children, to learn swimming & water safety skills

  • Obey all safety signs & warning flags

    Khmer no-swimming-if-you-cant-swim-400x257

  • Set water safety rules for your children

  • Know how & when to use life jackets, especially with children & weak swimmers

  • Learn how to save a life

  • Learn safe ways of rescuing others without putting yourself in danger

  • If possible, swim in areas with lifeguards, but whilst there are very few lifeguards in Cambodia, we should always keep a vigilant watch on each other


The key elements of drowning prevention:

  • Swimming instruction

  • Child supervision

  • Water safety awareness

  • Rescue and resuscitation


 Adapted from the International Open Water Drowning Prevention Guidelines, 2014.



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