Safety When It Matters (SWIM Cambodia) vision is to stop child drowning in Cambodia, enabling children to live and play safely in and around water. We want to build the drowning resilience of communities, enabling parents to keep their children water safe.

SWIM Cambodia is establishing a drowning prevention programme in Cambodia to prevent drowning injury in children.

We are currently teaching children and adults the following Drowning Prevention interventions:

SWIM wavebullet ai Water Safety awareness

SWIM wavebullet ai Safer Rescue skills

SWIM wavebullet ai Resuscitation skills (CPR)

 SWIM wavebullet aiSWIM Cambodia will also be teaching Survival Swimming to children, once resources are available

Monitoring & Evaluation:

We are randomly selecting five children from each class to find out the following:

SWIM wavebullet aiChildren’s water risk

SWIM wavebullet aiMeasuring the Water Safety knowledge before education

SWIM wavebullet aiMeasuring the knowledge retained after six months





Child supervision

Child supervision is an effective prevention measure against drowning and other injuries in 1 to 4 year olds. SWIM will partner with local communities and childcare agencies to facilitate a system of daily childcare to improve the safety of children. SWIM will teach the importance of vigilance to caregivers e.g. parents, grandparents, extended family and appropriate organizations.

Raising awareness

In Cambodia it is estimated that 6 children a day die from drowning. Although drowning is a significant problem, many people are unaware of the extent of the problem. SWIM will raise drowning awareness and campaign for more to be done.

Strengthening drowning resilience

SWIM will strengthen community resistance to drowning by raising awareness of local water safety issues. SWIM will work in partnership with local communities identifying aquatic danger areas. SWIM plan to collaborate with local communities in building capacity for drowning prevention measures such as warning signs, fencing and water container covers.


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