The vision of Safety When It Matters (SWIM Cambodia) is for every child in Cambodia to live safe from drowning.


SWIM Cambodia’s mission is to reduce child drowning injury through education.



SWIM Cambodia is establishing a drowning prevention programme in Cambodia to prevent drowning injury in children. We are currently teaching children and adults the following drowning prevention interventions:

SWIM wavebullet aiWater Safety awareness

SWIM wavebullet ai Safer Rescue skills

SWIM wavebullet ai Resuscitation skills (CPR)

SWIM wavebullet aiPlan to teach children Survival Swimming


Monitoring & Evaluation:

We are randomly selecting five children from each class to find out the following:

SWIM wavebullet aiExploring the water activities and risk of children

SWIM wavebullet aiMeasuring existing Water Safety knowledge

SWIM wavebullet aiMeasuring knowledge retention