Noel Matthews


Noel is an Irish citizen working in Asia, Africa, Arab states and Europe, he has designed and directed a wide range of international development programmes over the last 25 years. He has provided technical and programmatic leadership on capacity and institutional development in democratic transitions, local governance, accountability and transparency in public administration, governance enabling environments, women’s political participation and gender equality, as well as sectoral reform work in health and rural development.

Noel has served as both regional and country director of international organisations and as team leader/manager of various initiatives/programmes for a range of development partners (including EU, Sida, UNDP, WB) focused on supporting transitions to democratic governance. Most recently has worked as a senior advisor on the democratic transition for UNDP in Libya, as governance expert with UNDP at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Myanmar, with the EU on the Mid-Term Review of the Cambodian 10-year National Program on Sub-National Democratic Development and with International IDEA on the development of the Youth Democracy Academy, a learning programme for youth in the MENA region.

Noel has co-founded The Wellspring Initiative, a collaborative social enterprise with entrepreneurs, experts and thought-leaders rethinking traditional divisions between government, civil society and the private sector, which assist to reclaim democracy and development, so that they really deliver for the poor.


Adele Peers

Trustee & Technical Advisor

Adele Peers is an education expert with 18 years teaching experience in formal and non formal education at home and abroad including eight years in Cambodia. She also has a Masters in Humanitarian Aid and has worked on projects including teacher training in Cambodia, refugee access to education in Malaysia and Disaster Risk Reduction policy analysis in Myanmar. Since 2011 she has volunteered and swam at the annual Mekong River Swim. Adele used the event to promote Water Safety and highlight the work of organisations in the field including SWIM Cambodia and Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) and the work of Cambodia’s elite underwater explosive ordinance team.

Conrad Foote

Founding Trustee & Trainer

Conrad Foote worked in Cambodia for three years as a pediatric nurse and peer education advisor. Conrad’s concern for child drowning began when he heard that a local boy aged 11 had died from drowning. Conrad built the foundations for Safety When It Matters (SWIM Cambodia) following completion of a Masters in Pubic Health and study on drowning perception and prevention, in Cambodia.

Conrad has trained and mobilized 21 Cambodian (Khmer) volunteers to teach communities Water Safety, Safe Rescue and Resuscitation skills. These volunteer SWIM Cambodia trainers deliver community based education to children and adult caregivers.

In the UK, Conrad leads a team of young people’s substance misuse workers with Young Addaction Liverpool. The team provide support and education to young people aged 10 to 24.

Daniel Graham

Trustee & Technical Advisor

Dan Graham is a passionate water safety consultant, he travels widely and worked for a number of respected organisations including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), R3SAR, the Royal Lifesaving Society (UK), and Spartan UKOS. He has written training programmes for many different organisations, and co-authored many papers on different aspects of drowning prevention and water safety. Dan sits on the Trustee Boards of the Royal Lifesaving Society UK, and Nile Swimmers. He also represents the RLSS UK on the Rescue Commission of the International Lifesaving Federation.

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