Drowning in Cambodia

Every day, 6 children die from drowning
  • Drowning is the leading cause of child (ages 1-17) mortality (death) in Cambodia

  • The drowning rate in Cambodia is highest in 2 year olds

  • 2094 Cambodian children die from drowning each year

  • 2877 children drown, but escape death

  • Almost all children (95%) over the age of four who died from drowning could not swim

  • 50% of children who drown are alone or with friends *

  • Children who drown in Cambodia rarely present at hospitals (only 6.6%) and therefore are not often counted in that country’s official death records. **






*     Cambodia Accident & Injury Survey (CAIS), 2007

**   The Alliance for Safe Children. Summary Report on Child Injury in Cambodia, 2009

***  Community perception of childhood drowning and prevention in a semi-urban district of Cambodia: A qualitative study, Foote & Porcellato, 2012

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